Submission Instructions

Step by step instructions for submitting a proposal

Note: At this time we are ONLY accepting proposals for tables in the Small Press Fair (see below). Proposals for Readings, Roundtables, Workshops and Performances are now closed. We will begin accepting Individual Reader proposals January 1.



1. Log in by clicking on the Log-In or Register link in the top menu. If you are not already registered on the site, fill out the registration form with your bio and pic. (Please note that registration is for individuals, not presses or other organizations. Register as an individual; you will enter your press or organization later.)

2. Once you are logged in, click on 2020 Submissions and then Propose an Event for 2020. The information on the form should be self-explanatory, and is very similar to last year's proposal form. New this year is the selection of an Event Type. The types are:

  • Reading: A reading by a group of poets and/or performers/writers. This could be a reading organized by a press, magazine, organization, or any other grouping. This requires a minimum of three performers. (Note that we open proposals for individual readers in January, however these slots are quite limited in number and are in high demand.) 50 minutes. 
  • Roundtable: A discussion group for issues pertinent to poets and writers. 50 minutes.
  • Workshop: A writing or performance workshop. These can be either 50 minutes or 110 minutes. (Note that we can only accept a total of four workshops.)
  • Performance/Installation/Other: Basically, any event that does not fit into any of the other categories. May be a static display or ongoing presentation.
  • Table (at the Small Press Fair): Display table at the Small Press Fair. Not available to individual authors; only to presses or other organizations that will feature a variety of publications or other materials. Tables are accepted on a first-come first-served basis up to our maximum of 40. All day Saturday, April 18, and Sunday, April 19.
  • Individual Readers (Accepting proposals beginning January 1, 2020): Poets and writers wishing to read at NOPF but not part of any group readings. Note that there are a limited number of slots for these. There will also be open mics and other opportunities for readings.

Table proposals will be accepted as they arrive. All other proposals (except Individual Readers) will be reviewed after December 1 with notifications sent by January 1. Individual Reader proposals will be accepted from January 1-30, with notifications by February 15.

No events, tables, or individual readers are scheduled until tickets are purchased.