NOPF 2020 (Co)Videos


Here's a video of my reading of my poem "Belongings: An Upheaval." Instead of a traditional reading, I figured an animation might capture this poem a bit more specifically and creatively. Thanks to NOPF for giving us a platform to share and rejoice in poetry. 




One of NOPF's most ardent and inspirational supporters died suddenly and unexpectedly just before the festival in 2018. Join us as we second line from the Healing Center to Siberia in her honor.




April Lee Fields, wordsmith & songstress, performs from her book of poetry, Wild Flower.

Accompaniment by Swamp Rats.



For more information on April Lee Fields please see official site:





Benjamin Morris, one of the coordinators for the New Orleans Poetry Festival, reads two poems for the Co-Video project




Christopher X. Shade reads from his recently released poetry collection, Shield the Joyous. (Paloma Press, April 2020)





This is a song I wrote a few disasters ago.




Join us as poets from the NC State MFA in Creative Writing program and NC State University Libraries perform original work. Poets will include Natalia Conte, Jessica Dionne, Melanie Tafejian, Alexandra Webster, Chris Vitiello, Chris Tonelli, Amanda Dahill-Moore, and Brooke Peters.






Reading from a suite of poems entitled The Contagious.




San Mateo County Poet Laureate Aileen Cassinetto reads the community poem she curated in honor of healthcare workers and other frontliners. The poem raised money for the San Mateo County Health Foundation's COVID-19 support for hospitals and clinics.

Love in the Time of COVID-19: A Community Poem for Healthcare Workers and Other Frontliners, from San Mateo County



San Mateo County Supervisor Carole Groom, Commissioner Susan Kokores of the Commission on the Status of Women, Commissioner Craig Wiesner of the LGBTQ Commission, Terry Adams, Lisa Anderson, Ginnie Backes, Jay Thomas Beard, Chuck Brickley, Michelle Brcko, Jackie Burleigh, Judy Campbell, Patricia Delara, Debbie Diaz, Rev. Terri Echelbarger, Aaron & Gina Feil, Paul Fericano, Ivana Hansen, Diane Hendrix, Teresa Kelly, Heidi Leupp, Victoria Maier Magbilang, Veronica Montes, Carol Mukhopadhyay, Amy Pabalan, Ann Powers, Tony Press, Anita Ferrin Rodman, Diana Ross, Lyla Strauss, Sherri Sunahara

With special thanks to Tanya Beat and Birgit Eeckman for helping spread the word.

Curated by San Mateo County Poet Laureate Aileen Cassinetto





ROBERT COWAN is a professor and dean at the City University of New York. His poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and scholarship have appeared in various journals and anthologies. His second poetry collection, ELSEWHEN, was released by Paloma Press in 2019.





The poem, 'Radiant Gist," about my uncle Stan Goodman, appears in the book Poems That Look Just Like Poems (PURH, 2019, France). Thanks to Kate Hunt for the Theramin work.




Laura Mullen at the feature reading at NOPF #1, 2016




'the saguaros are being destroyed,' Americans are rushing around stocking up on toilet paper' and 'for Sona'

'skin,' and 'years that ask questions'




Video by haoyan of america




Jacki Rigoni, Poet Laureate of Belmont, California, reads her poem, "After I Could Breathe Again," from Seven Skirts, a book of poetry forthcoming in fall 2020 from Paloma Press.




CWW Reading approximation

On Thursday, April 2, 2020, Christy Lorio hosted Unolit-20: A Virtual Literary Reading. Caro Fautsch, Christopher Romaguera, Andrea Panzeca, and Jake Budenz performed their work. Although an attempted recording did not survive, here's an approximation of my reading, recorded immediately after the event concluded.

Poetry Friends Open Mic

On Sunday, April 12 2020, Justin Lamb hosted Poetry Friends first virtual open mic. Readers were: Aysu Saliba, Nic Markye, Andrea Panzeca, Kristina Saliba, A Scribe Called Quess?, Megan Burns, Christopher Louis Romaguera, Samer Saliba, Swiss, and Gian Smith.




Indran reads from The Migrant States, with compelling intro by Mark Pawlak







Felino Soriano, who tragically died in 2018, was the Poet-in Residence at Clockwise Cat. Here, for the Virtual NOPF 2020, we read one of the last poems he published in Clockwise Cat, "Within your Language I Cultivate my Listening - for Gabriela." 




A visual rendition of "How to Clean Urine Out of a Mattress". Poem by Danielle Unger. Video collaboratively made with partner, Alex-Brownstein-Carter. 




This video is a poem dedicated to poetry, it incorporates metaphors and personification to tell the adoration with this specific art form.




I wrote this piece shortly before the pandemic shutdown. Scheduled to appear as a chapbook from Fell Swoop once life returns to normal, if it does.




Performed in Spanish with English subtitles:


Performed in English:


Ana Fores Tamayo wrote this piece inspired by her own experiences as a child refugee; she now seeks to pay it forward through the work she does and much of what she writes. 




I was planning to perform My Sunset Gun as part of the CLASH Books panel "What Lit Witchcraft Can Do For You." So, in lieu of that, here is a recording of an earlier performance of the piece.

My Sunset Gun is collaged from the novels The Sorry Tale by Patience Worth and To Have and to Hold by Mary Johnston. Patience Worth was an early 1900s writing prodigy who was celebrated for her novels, poetry, and prose. She was considered “A prolific charmer who was known for her flashy verbal stunts and quick wit,” but more interestingly, she was a ghost. Her writings, which would issue in a prolific stream, were actually channeled through Pearl Curran using a Ouija board. I found Patience while researching another project and became fascinated with the idea of the invocation of this spirit author, this disembodied voice given somewhat of a physicality through Pearl. I later found out that the name Patience Worth actually comes from a character in the novel To Have and to Hold by Mary Johnston which was published thirteen years before the appearance of Patience Worth, the spirit writer. Thinking about this idea of disembodiment/invocation I thought it would be interesting to “invoke” Patience textually through weaving together language from Patience’s own novel, The Sorry Tale, and language from Mary Johnston’s novel, To Have and to Hold, where the character Patience Worth has her origins. The multimedia performance is an extension of the idea of invocation (with my own disembodied image and voice serving as that being channeled) as well as an unpacking of my poetry films into more dynamic live presentations while maintaining my visual aesthetic.