Submission Instructions


How to Participate in NOPF 2021

To attend events: 

Simply go to the "Browse NOPF 2021" page and click on the Zoom link for the event you wish to attend. Zoom links will not be live until shortly before the event is set to begin.

To read and/or present:

The calendar is now set. If you would like to participate and are not included in one of the groups already on the calendar, the Open Mic (see below) is probably the best option. If you have any questions, please email.

Open Mic:

The NOPF21 Zoomfest Open Mic will run Saturday April 3 from Noon to 4PM, CDT. Sign up is now closed, but there may be a few spots left day-of.

Instructions to Presenters:

If you are reading/presenting:

  • Have your technology together. Too many of us already know how to handle Zoom, but if you're not familiar don't wait until the day-of to try to log in. Go to and get the software; do a test Zoom with a friend to make sure your camera and mic are working, etc.
  • Consider your Zoom aesthetics. Pay attention to lighting, background, and background noise. Make sure you are lit from the front; light sources behind you (windows, lights, etc.) will leave your face in the dark; too little light will result in your image being blurry. Try to place yourself with a backdrop that is not distracting. And try to find a quiet place free of background noise from pets, other people, etc.
  • Pay attention to time. Most events (except workshops) should be one hour. If they run slightly longer for questions and discussion, it should be no problem.
  • And time zone. Remember presenters and audience are spread all over the world. We have based our schedule on New Orleans (Central, CDT) time but have done our best to make at least US time zones apparent.
  • About "hosting": One member of the NOPF board  will attend your event as the Host. This is who can start and stop the meeting and start the recording and the Facebook stream. One or more Presenters can be made Co-hosts with the ability to admit people from the waiting room and to mute and unmute attendees. It is probably best for the Co-host to have some Zoom experience. 
  • The moderator and/or others in the event should Zoom in about 15 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin.