Radio Love of a Nocturnal Crowd: A Reading Courting Joyce Mansour

Saturday, Apr 20, 11:15am
Cafe Istanbul, Healing Center

Join poets from Bloof Books and friends as we tune our antennae to the dark-erotic frequencies of the Jewish French-Egyptian poet, Joyce Mansour, Queen of the Extra-Surrealist Night, and read from, around, and into her thrumming/thrashing body of work. “Collect the bubbles / Hustle sour winds up the sidewalk / Suck the fresh flesh of the ruby,” Mansour wrote in Phallus & Mommies (1969), “Leave it screaming / No matter.” Her iconoclastic work— including Cris (Screams, 1953), Déchirures (Torn Apart, 1955), Trour Noirs (Black Holes, 1986), and Le Bleu des fonds (The Blue of the Deep, 1968)—is full of matter and bodies and the alterity of recklessness and propulsion. Poets will read from Mansour’s work and something from theirs that speaks to her influence. “Why should [you] wait in front of a closed door?” You shouldn’t. Join us.