Raced, Not Erased: Ghosts in Favor of Critical Theory

Saturday, Apr 20, 3:00pm
Healing Arts Conference Room, Healing Center

Join our panel of poets and scholars who will read and discuss how writers of color employ the speculative to explore, enact, and magnify the histories and politics of bodily estrangement in contemporary poetics. Through critical and affective fabulations, we must often theorize and create what cannot be recovered under our current conditions. What are the potentialities then, and the limits of theorizing the recovery of our own bodies and those of our communities? What are the ethics of a totalizing subjection on one end, and erasure on the other?  Muriel Leung, Joseph Earl Thomas, Jonah Mixon-Webster and Rosana Cruz will read from their own work in progress and open up a conversation to build towards more progressive, strategic futures.

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