Workshop: Erasure as Conversation

Sunday, Apr 21, 9:00am
Rm 250, Healing Center

Erasure poetry and art is gaining wider recognition as a means of engagement with politics, capitalism, and celebrity culture. Erasure can also be used as a means to engage more deeply with the literary texts we revere. Workshop participants will interact with a variety of texts using a variety of media (sharpies, whiteout, glitter, cutouts, etc.). We'll play with erasing texts that inspire strong emotions in us, erasure as a form of protest, and erasure as collaboration with the artists and work we admire. Workshop participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring along any texts they would like to work with. Otherwise, all workshop supplies will be provided by the facilitator, including source texts, erasure materials, and packets with examples of erasure work from a variety of poets and artists working in the field.

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