Supernatural Language: Queering Ecopoetics

Saturday, Apr 20, 1:50pm
Healing Arts Conference Room, Healing Center

Environmental writing & ecopoetics frequently evoke the natural, and thus what society deems moral, appropriate, or pure. How do we reckon queerness & queer lives within these ecological systems? How can we subvert centuries of thought that define marginalized identities as unnatural by using these same ecological elements? Queer environmental writers combat transphobia, homophobia, racism, & misogyny through an ecological lens. A queering of ecopoetics allows writers to not only explore the world around us through our queerness, but also to engage with the myriad queer ecological processes that flourish in our diverse environments. In this intersectional roundtable, poets Amber Flora Thomas, Oliver Baez Bendorf, Lindsay Tigue, & Matty Layne Glasgow will discuss how their recent & forthcoming award-winning collections illuminate the queer magic of our world, deconstructing the heteronormativity & gender binaries so frequently invoked in ecopoetics & environmental writing.