This panel will consist of several writers of color discussing the poetics of agenre, mixed genre, cross-genre, and hybrid work, as well as various approaches to lyricism and antipoetry in terms of building the “world” of a piece. The panelists will discuss how their individual works (and worlds) incorporate theory, song, visual art, plot, erasure and typography, and/or multiple voices and narrators as a means to break away from—and also break down—the idea of Western, “formal” constructs. Additionally, we will also discuss the possibilities that occur when working with and against literary genres, tropes, and traditions, so that our conversation will speak to the speculative, comedic, tragic, romantic, mundane, and mysterious aspects that arise when one asks the question: What is poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and where is the line between them?

Panelists include Kenning JP Garcia, Daphne Maysonet, Rone Shavers, and Dana Venerable. 



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Live or Virtual