Before and Beyond Garcia-Lorca: Jewish and Islamic Latinx Poets on the Roots of Spanish Poetry and Its Influence on Contemporary Latinx Poetry

Sunday, Apr 21, 11:10am
Healing Arts Conference Room, Healing Center

The aim of this panel is to bring together Latinx writers to discuss aspects of Latinx identity that are rarely explored even now when those identities are under attack by the alt-right. We are going to explore Spain's rich history of poetry that was written by Jewish, Islamic, Middle Eastern and Moorish writers both before the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella and afterwards and how these worldviews helped mold Spanish poetry as we know it and how it influenced some of Spain's most famous poets. In addition, we'll discuss how we write as Latinx of those diasporas and how we relate or do not relate to the literature of a colonizing nation that in addition to conquering the New World also exiled and executed many Jewish people leading to the Crypto Jew and converso phenomenon. In this panel we'll discuss forms such as the qasida and nunninya but also surrealism, magical realism, Kabbalah and other Sephardic and Middle Eastern contributions to world literature by way of Latin America and Iberian peninsula. 

Unregistered Participants
Eduardo Cepada