Workshop: That Various Field: An Improvisation (2 hrs)

Saturday, Apr 20, 3:00pm
RM 250, Healing Center

This workshop will have three components, or fields: 

Physical improv (40 min.)

The physical component, likely public but not necessarily, could take place outside (litter-sweeping or just a walk) or inside (a gallery walk or movement to three very different pieces of music).

Each option would emphasize improv (acting or not in response to the moment) and silence and listening (focused on noticing and feeling, not making small talk). 

Stillness (10 min.)

A quiet meditation

Art improv (40 min.)

An art session—drawing, writing, collaging. Here association would be emphasized, a keep-the-pen-moving type of moment.

Depending on time, we could share and give feedback. (30 min.)

If there’s even more time, we could then edit in the form of self-erasures—leaving the phrases/images with the most heat and white-outing extraneous connective tissue.


Proposed Improv:

Physical component: litter sweeping*

Art component: comics


—At the beginning of the workshop, to allow for late arrivals, we'll read three poems, say

-James Schuyler’s “Salute”

-Eileen Myles’s “Writing”

-Ross Gay’s “A Small Needful Fact”

—We’ll then walk around Healing Center environs, trying not to talk (i.e. CAConrad: “quietly shoo them away, you’re busy, you’re a poet”).

—Provide gloves and bags and instruct: if you see some trash, pick it up. Take photos if you’d like.

—We’ll stop periodically to sip some water, eat some snacks, and jot down notes of things we’ve seen, heard, thought, remembered, imagined, and wait for those of different speeds.

—Back in the classroom, we'll meditate. 

—Then we generate: I'll pass out index cards, 8 per person.

-On four we’ll draw: images we saw, were reminded of, imagined, etc.

-On four we'll write: text we heard, were reminded of, imagined, etc.

—We'll play with the sequence of the images and rearrange the text as captions under the images. Fun unexpected juxtapositions will occur.

—Now you have a comics page.

—Now you have an experience to write a poem about.

—Now you have an experience you've explored in various forms, so you

can think about

-What you liked about each form

-What was challenging

-When to repeat the practice, and what physical and art components you’ll pair 


*In the event of inclement weather, we’ll do an indoor gallery walk or movement session.

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