Dreams and Poetry Workshop

Saturday, Apr 20, 11:15am
RM 250, Healing Center

There are no symbols in dreams. The lion in your dreams is not a symbol of a lion--but a creature meant to inspire terror. My goal in working with dreams over the past 15 years is to strip the crust of interpretation and bring dreams back alive. 
We can do the same operation with poetry. Then instead of symbols, maybe we'll have lions again.
The potency of poetry is ruined by the flatness of explanation, the sterility of reactivity, and the curse of norms.  By looking at dreams closely,  we can restore our sense of the primacy of image and feeling in our poems. We can learn to revise our poems according to our dreams.
For this workshop, led by respected poet and dream worker Rodger Kamenetz, bring a fresh dream to discuss and a poem you are working on.  We will learn about the vertical and the horizontal in dreams and in poems, and read dream poems by  Alice Notley, Jean Valentine, David Shapiro.

One hour. Limited to 15 participants.

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