Welcome and thanks for proposing an event or a table for the New Orleans Poetry Festival 2023. Note that the festival will be live and require you and your participants to be in New Orleans for (at minimum) the weekend of April 15-16, 2023.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to propose any of the following:

  • Table: Propose a table at the Small Press Fair. Normally these are for small presses to display and market their wares, though we will consider all proposals. Note that tables, once accepted, carry a $100 fee, which must be paid on acceptance. 
  • Reading: Propose a group reading. Note that this is not the place to request a reading as an individual. This proposal should include from 3-6 readers associated in some way (poets from a specific press or workshop group, for example, or readings along a theme, etc.). 
  • Roundtable: A panel-style discussion of an issue of poetics or other matters pertinent to writers.
  • Workshop: Normally, a group experience of generative practice for writers.
  • Performance/Installation/Other: Anything you wish to propose that does not fall into the above categories.

Note that the person proposing the table or event will be our point of contact with the group, but that you must list all the group members, with emails, in the proposal, and that their participation must be verified before the proposal is considered.

Note also that to use the Proposal Form you must be a registered user on the website, and you must be logged in. If you have ever participated in NOPF before, you are already a registered user, so just click on "Log In" in the menu above. (You will have to reset your password, but this should only take a moment.) If you have not participated in the past, you will need to click on "Register" and set up your account.

If you click on the link below without begin logged in, you'll get an "access denied" message.

So, if you have verified your participants, registered, and logged in:

Click here to propose an event