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Skin Verb burst onto the scene of their own imagination with the release of their first single "Lincoln Beach," which celebrated the other art deco amusement park by great Lake Pontchartrain. Skin Verb first got together in Philadelphia at the end of the twentieth century. The idea: taken from VU-- put interesting people in the same room and interesting things will happen. The band was always a Pro-Am affair-- the ace musicians and the band's amateurs, as in 'those who love it'. Half the band migrated down to New Orleans and was reconstituted at the behest of Cree McCree for her birthday party at the Mother-in-Law Lounge, and the band's been keeping a blistering schedule of 4 to 6 shows a year ever since. Skin Verb is led by poet Brett Evans, whose main goal was to have the band perceived of as more than just Poetry + Music.They have always cleared the bar of being considered a band.

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