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Kenyatta JP Garcia is the author of They Say and Slow Living (West Vine Press) as well as the speculative poetry ebooks - ROBOT, Yawning on the Sands, and Past and Again. JP was raised at the intersection of Church and Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY and xe still holds the world to the standards set forth by that microcosm of poverty, patois and street poetry. Currently, xe spends xyr nights putting boxes on shelves for a buck but by day xe edits Rigorous and prepares for either the impending zombie apocalypse or the inevitable return of our alien overlords.

2020 Events
The Hyper-Poetics of the Visual Narrative
The Transgressive Spirit of Jewish Poetics
2019 Events
Before and Beyond Garcia-Lorca: Jewish and Islamic Latinx Poets on the Roots of Spanish Poetry and Its Influence on Contemporary Latinx Poetry
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2018 Events
Words of Revolution: The creation of a literary journal as social movement
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