Jennifer Paccione, Expanded Field poet

Jennifer Paccione is a current MFA graduate student at Stetson University in the Poetry in the Expanded Field program.  She is an experimental poet who combines text with sound, music, art, and film to create innovative and edgy multi-media works/installations. She is also a musician, composer, arranger, lead vocalist, and founder of transcendent rock band QUANTUM  X, who have produced original music EPs Fears and Hopes (2015) and Quantum X (2011). Jennifer also authored GOD: In Five Words or Less, and Buggy Buddies, an educational fiction piece through Stanfield Educational Alternatives. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Creative Writing, Humanities, and Fine Art from the University of Central Florida.  She also teaches piano and voice in Orlando, FL.

2019 Events
Partraits of a Puzzle in Pieces: An Interactive Art/Poetry Installation