Melanie Maria Goodreaux, author of "Black Jelly," Photo by Nikki Johnson

Melanie Maria Goodreaux, author of Black Jelly, 2019 (A Gathering of the Tribes/Fly By Night Press) is a poet, playwright, fiction writer, and director-dramatist from New Orleans, Louisiana, living, writing, and creating in New York City.  Her work is lyrical, stylistic, unconventional, and many times blends genres for dramatic effect. Pop elements embrace the sensuous, sad, and surreal, while her work addresses the complexities of race and explores the female condition. Southern spiritualism, loss, and sex-positive themes find their place together in her experiments with language. Her work has been published in WSQ Magazine-The Feminist Press, The Dream Closet, A Gathering of the Tribes #13, and Word.  Melanie Maria adapted the lines of thousands of New York City children into the book called A Poem As Big As New York City.  Her plays Saydee and Deelores, Walter, Bullets, and Binoculars, Mo’Batz’ Ride, Con Trole’s Predicament, SWAP, Katrina Who?!, Sometimes It’s Very Much About Ownership, and Enough Vo5 for the Universe, have been featured at Chelsea Playhouse, the House of Tribes Theater, the Abingdon Theater, Studio Players Theater, the Linhart Theater, the Lillian Theater in Los Angeles, the Nuyorican Poets Café, HOWL Fest, the New York Theater Festival, the Hudson Guild Theater, and Theater for the New City. Melanie Maria is currently working on screenplay adaptations of her theater work and a novel about the misadventures of her character Bernadine.  She teaches creative writing and drama with Urban Arts Partnership, and Creative Theatrics in New York City while living in Harlem with her illustrator and afro-futurist husband, Tim Fielder. For more info: or

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