Critical Intersections: Writing &/as Activism

Saturday, Apr 20, 10:05am
Healing Arts Conference Room, Healing Center

This panel is comprised of authors whose commitments entail vital work with issues from capital punishment to homelessness, from the fight against mass incarceration to the fight against ecological devastation.  Participants will share from their creative work and then engage with each other and the audience on such questions as representation, how writing instigates community and change, and the intersection of aesthetic and ethical practices.  We will also discuss how issues of privilege and power play out in literary debates over aesthetics and activism.

For many, art-making and social activism are not separate engagements.  This panel offers models of creative writing that catalyze and support community action.  The participants propose strategies for responding to social, environmental, and political crises.  We also raise necessary questions about privilege and power in literary communities.  Some writers may embrace activism as a choice, while others view it as a necessity born of oppression. We explore how to navigate and support those differences

Unregistered Participants
Tongo Eisen-Martin,