Does Who You Are Affect Who Publishes You (and who you want to publish you)

Poets and editors of factory hollow press, The Hollins Criticjubilat, Mississippi Review and New World Writing focus on how who they are and their experiences have defined who and what they publish and why. Women editors----from Toni Morrison to Joyce Carol Oates to  Harriet Monroe to Rebecca Wolff to Anne Waldman to Eileen Myles---have historically created trends and controversy. VIDA has shown that editorial bias can be counted on to continue; their yearly count, plain and simple, can't be denied.  Race, gender, place, age, style----what you can do to identify if a journal is right for you. Editors will tell stories about how they effect and have been affected. Samples of just a few important writers they've published will be shared. Your concerns will be the focus.  Bring with you some of your experiences; our conversation will speak to these.

April 9, 2021, 3:00 pm