Add a (Co)Video for the (Virtual) NOPF 2020


Greetings poets, and thanks for your interest in posting a video in our Virtual NOPF 2020, year of the CoVid.

What we want from you are videos of your poetry performances. These can be individuals or group readings, Zoom conference recordings, whatever. They could relate to your proposals as you submitted for NOPF 2020, or not. You don't have to have had a proposal accepted to post something; all are welcome. 

Make the video; it can be anything from a selfie-reading into your phone to something slick with credits and multiple readers, speakers or performers, musicians, whatever. Then upload it to Youtube or Vimeo, whichever you prefer. (If you already have something on Youtube or Vimeo, you can just post a link.) Click on the link below. In the box that appears, put the link to the video and then, just below it, a description. The link will show up as the video itself when we make it public. 

What you put in the text box should be only this: The link to the youtube or vimeo video, and, on the line below that, a brief description. The title of the piece should include author and title. Please do NOT post lengthy descriptions or the entire text of poems.

A couple of hints: (1) Add "NOPF" as a keyword to the videos you post on Youtube or Vimeo. (2) If you don't want your video to be public on these platforms, publish as "unlisted" rather than "public;" it will still show up on our site but not on theirs. 

If you click on the link, below, and you get one of those fascist "you are not authorized" messages, it just means you need to log in. This is so we can link your video to your bio.

Add Your Video