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Michel Steven Krug is a Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and University of Minnesota Law School grad, who writes poetry, literary fiction and practices law. He’s also a former print journalist who worked in the Baltimore/Washington region. Currently, he’s Senior Editor of Poets Reading The News (PRTN). His work frequently attempts to integrate the news as part of an ongoing Odyssey, filled with mythological constructs. His poems have appeared in Sheepshead, Mizmor Anthology, 2019Ginosko Literary Journal, PRTN, Door Is A Jar, Tuck Magazine, The Raven’s Perch, 2 Elizabeths, Poetry24, Main Street Rag, Brooklyn Review, and other literary magazines. He recently completed a manuscript entitled, Making America Break Again. For review of shorter examples of work, find him at Instagram/free.jazz.man.

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(Sur)Realpolitik: Political Poetry in the Post-Truth Era