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The 80s were a dark time full of fears of nuclear annihilation and environmental disaster and characterized by an utter lack of faith in a political process that was dominated by capital and decadent corporate oligarchs. Out of this nihilistic atmosphere punk rock was born. What better time, then, to resurrect the genre than today, which makes the 80s seem like a utopian dream of liberalism. The Call Girls are here to do exactly that, and give you a chance to dance hard enough to forget the news you heard this morning, with a repertoire that includes classics from that Golden Age plus lots and lots of originals. Poet and NOPF co-founder Bill Lavender writes the songs and sings them as best he can; poet Chris Shipman works out his frustration on the drums; guitar maestro Eldon Silva cranks the fuzz leads; and the inimitable CDitty expresses her inner self on the bass.

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