Six poets will come together in support of the the online journal, Unlikely StoriesUnlikely Stories has been running on the web, more-or-less continuously, since 1998. It publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, cultural and artistic criticism, visual art, music, movies, and other web-based works. Unlikely Stories has pursued a unique, transgressive, and experimental aesthetic. At the same time, it has sought to publish both established and emerging authors, offering many now-known authors their first publication credit. In 2005, Unlikely Books was founded, expanding the reach of Unlikely Stories into paperbacks, e-books, and hardback volumes of poetry and prose.

Unlikely Stories is diverse, and accordingly, our presence at the New Orleans Poetry Festival will feature a diverse group of poets: demographically, geographically, and aesthetically: Ashanti Anderson (New Orleans), Wendy Taylor Carlisle (Eureka Springs, AR), Gina Ferrara (New Orleans), Kenning JP García (Albany, NY), Cecilia Martinez-Gil (Santa Monica, CA) and Jeff Weddle (Tuscaloosa, AL).

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