Peter Money

Peter Money, performing with the Vermont based poetry band Los Lorcas (with bandmates Partridge Boswell and Nat Williams), has published several books since 1991 including American Drone: New & Select Poems (2013), the hybrid novella Che (2010), Saadi Youssef translations with Sinan Antoon Nostalgia, My Enemy (2012), the Irish novel Oh When The Saints (2019), and a spoken word & music CD Blue Square (with composer Mike Sal). Peter’s play about gender and friendship is under consideration for production. For comics fans, Peter has collaborated with Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch, and James Sturm--where his cameo appears in Marvel’s Unstable Molecules, The Fantastic Four prequel, as the poet Joey King. Peter has been the director of Harbor Mountain Press and previously edited the magazine Lame Duck and journal Across Borders. For more info, see

2021 Events
Los Lorcas: Poetry in Concert
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Poetry Concert with Los Lorcas