Bomb on the Tongue: Writing the Incendiary

Saturday, Apr 20, 3:00pm
RM 270, Healing Center

How does poetry light a fuse to carry truth to the reader/listener? How do we use the shrapnel of our autobiographies or the biographies of others to explore hot topics? Four poets read their work and interrogate these questions. Julie E. Bloemeke’s poems in Slide to Unlock explore perceptions of past attraction and emotional intimacy created or re-created through the ever-shifting lens of technology, including text messages, social media, and letters. Andrea Jurjević writes about war, the immigrant experience, and estrangement in the context of one's culture as well as one's intimate relationships. In her hybrid book, [It] Incandescent, Amy Pence uses literary biography, prose, and poetry to speculate about the role of incest in Emily Dickinson’s life. Cecilia Woloch in Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem eulogizes and celebrates her ancestral ties to Gypsies, the Roma people, who have endured centuries of exile, poverty, and extermination. In their reading, panelists strive to show how poems can both provoke and resolve on the tongue.

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