Jaeyoun Ha

Ha Jaeyoun started her career in 2002 when she received the award for best new poet from the journal <문학과 사회Literature and Society>. She received a PhD in Modern Korean Literature from Korea University for her research in 1930’s Korean poetry. She also was the recipient of the 3rd Yeongnam-ilbo Ku Sang Literature prize.

She is the author of the poetry collections, <라디오 데이즈Radio Days> (Moonji, 2006), <세계의 모든 해변처럼Like all the Beaches in the World> (Moonji, 2012), and <우주적인 안녕Universal Hello> (Moonji, 2019). She is also the author of the research books <근대시의 모험과 움직이는 조선어Adventures of Modern Poetry and Moving Chosun Language> (Somyeong Press, 2012), <문학의 상상과 시의 실천The Imagination of Literature and the Action of Poetry> (Bogosa, 2022), <무한한 역설의 사랑Infinite Love of Paradox> (Bogosa, 2022) and the collection of essays <내게 와 어두워진 빛들에게To the darkened lights by the coming of me> (Moonji, 2023).

English translations of her poems appeared in Poems of Hwang Yuwon, Ha Jaeyoun, & Seo Dae-kyung (Edited & Introduced by Jake Levine, Vagabond Press, 2020). In addition, the poetry collection Radion days was published in English(Translated by Sue Hyon Bae, Black Ocean, 2023). After the pandemic started began a series of poems that she has been publishing called “언데드Undead.” and “종의 기원The Origin of Species”.

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