Whiskey Radish

Whiskey Radish is the creator of the nDada style of poetry. nDada is a combination of an unconventional, perhaps absurd, cartoon, and a poem or prose poem; the two are entirely unrelated, and often come together by pure, surrealist, chance. The cartoon is done by hand, while the poetry is written with a typed font. The cartoon interrupts the poem, and reorients the reader’s point of view. (There are dozens of cartoons, aka sorties, in the book, The Adventures of Char, vol 1 published by Ice Floe Press, 2022.) Whiskey Radish was educated in French literature at Barnard College, Columbia University, during the raucous punk era of the later ‘70s; her honors thesis was on Rimbaud. She now owns and runs a small art school in Lexington, MA. Two nDada poems are currently published in The Columbia Review, Fall 2022, five in Blackbox Manifold (UK) July, 2023, one in New Note Poetry (July 2023), and 4 in On the Highways With Many Miles...To Go! (paperback, published and edited July 2023 by David L O'Nan). One has just been accepted by the Oxford Review of Books. Her work can also be found, among other places, at the Grolier Poetry Bookshop and The Woodberry Poetry Room (both Cambridge MA). She is currently working on an anthology of nDada poetry with G C Meinzer, thanks to a grant from Barnard College, Columbia University. For this, they are collecting nDada poems from college students around the country and beyond -- and also from all others who are willing and curious. Please visit www.nDadaPublic.org .

2024 Events
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