Marthe Reed's ARK HIVE

Sunday, Apr 21, 3:00pm
Cafe Istanbul, Healing Center

This panel celebrates Marthe Reed’s ecological long poem, Ark Hive: a memoir of South Louisiana (The Operating System, 2019). In an extraordinary and personal meditation on one of the most ecologically vulnerable landscapes in the world, South Louisiana, Reed writes as an insider-outsider of the umwelt where she lived and taught for 11 years: “Here and not here, what to make of this place called home?” The text of Ark Hive unfolds in a constant state of oscillation: between prose and poetry, between English and French, French and Atakapa-Ishak, between celebration of and elegy for the “green bottomland forest, green coastal seas, green marsh grass—prairie tremblant—shifting in the wet.” As the title suggests, Ark Hive asks whether we can survive ourselves—our flooding, our oil industry—and if a new kind of sociality, a new way of being with others, may help ensure the survival of species, ourselves included. Marthe Reed died  before being able to see Ark Hive into the world. And so, this panel also aims to honor her legacy, her vision that a sense of community is integral to poetry itself.