Partraits of a Puzzle in Pieces: an interactive 3-D poetry installation

Saturday, Apr 20, 10:05am
Mezzanine, Healing Center

The participant enters the 3-D space (spray-painted panels + color oil painting entitled Self-Partrait creating the sides, thus creating a large “puzzle box,” placed outside the smaller puzzle box containing the puzzle pieces--
one side is part of the actual puzzle, the other side is sprayed black on which I have written a word.  This smaller box sits atop a table/surface).  There are 300 words total.  The list of 300 words will be on display on an adjacent wall/table.  Ideally, video images of people arranging their pieces will be shown on another adjacent wall.

The participant chooses as many or as few pieces as they wish without looking at the words, and once picked, word pieces are arranged as desired on the table.  This becomes the "Partrait," their own creative work ( a "part" of themselves created from the collective pieces). They are welcome to take a photo of their arranged words, but once they are finished, they must return the puzzle pieces back to the small black puzzle box. 

After going through this process, the participant has not only been a product of the creative writing process of the installation, but he/she has physically BECOME part of the landscape of the installation…. a personified “puzzle piece” among many inside the collective “puzzle box.”

* * *

“Partraits of a Puzzle in Pieces:”

Partraits=word creations, parts of a collective whole, the Puzzle.

Puzzle pieces=the individual

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