Putting the Ms. in MS: Women's Workshop Takes On Book-length Manuscripts

Sunday, Apr 21, 11:10am
Rm 250, Healing Center

How do we help each other sound most like ourselves? How do you workshop a book-length project? Our women’s workshop is comprised of six poets working in radically different forms and styles. In addition to doing workshop rounds on individual poems submitted by our members, the workshop also reviews participants’ larger works, including essays, chapbooks, and book-length projects. Over the past year, we’ve read and workshopped four members’ manuscripts, often checking in on the work at multiple points during the process: from initial inspiration to completed project. How do six very different poets weigh in on the order, emerging themes, length, and potential publishers for a manuscript? Moreover, how does the individual poet process and act on such advice? In this presentation, our panel will discuss different strategies and tracks for workshopping longer poem assemblages.