Somewhere in the Cloud & Inbetween: A Reading & Dusie Kollektiv Chapbook Exchange in Tribute to Marthe Reed

Sunday, Apr 21, 10:05am
Art Gallery, Healing Center

In her essay “somewhere inbetween: Speaking-Through Contiguity” in the new Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene, Marthe Reed (1958-2018) directs us to Timothy Morton’s reframing of human/other-than-human relationships as “drastically collective”—“All kinds of beings, from toxic waste to sea snails, are clamoring for our scientific, political, and artistic attention.” Marthe writes: “Escape from this truth lies through no doorway, no slippery construct of language or argument: ‘we’ are ‘it,’ inextricable from our circumstances. The point on which all else turns: within this ‘drastically collective’ condition, how, then…live? Indeed, how write?” For this 9th iteration of the Dusie Kollektiv, we ask you—poets, friends, and readers of Marthe Reed—to explore Marthe’s urgent question. “In times like these,” she writes in a revision of Rich, “it is necessary to embrace the ‘somewhere inbetween’ affording and sheltering difference not as distance but as intimacy.” We invite poets around the world to create digital chapbooks of the somewhere in-between, and for those attending NOPF, please bring physical copies of your chapbooks made from recycled/repurposed materials to exchange at this event, which will be an open reading and chapbook exchange. All are welcome. Please sign up here.

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