Daniela Catrileo

Daniela Catrileo (b. Santiago, 1987) is a writer and a professor of philosophy. She is a member of the Colectivo Mapuche Rangiñtulewfü and part of the editorial team for Yene, a digital magazine featuring art, writing, and critical thought from across Wallmapu and the Mapuche diaspora. She has published the  following collections of poetry: Río herido (2016) and Guerra florida (2018); the chapbooks: El territorio del viaje (2017, 2022) and Las aguas dejaron de unirse a otras aguas (2020): and a book of short stories: Piñen (2019). Her other projects explore artistic formats such as performance, video art and sound-visual poetry, among them: Maripura warangka küla pataka mari meli:18.314 (2018), Llekümün (2020), La escritura del río (2021) and Weludungun (2022).

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