Steven Farmer author photo

Steven Farmer's books and chapbooks include Coracle and World of Shields (Working Notes of February), Tone Ward (Coincidence Press), Standing Water, Medieval (Krupskaya) and Glowball (theenk books). Additional work can be seen in Tripwire, Elective Affinities, Elderly, Try, Where Eagles Dare, 5 Fingers Review, Crayon, Poetics Journal, and elsewhere. He works in the software industry as a technical writer after many years as a chef in the restaurant business, and co-curated the Poetic Labor Project from 2011-2014. Of Glowball, Sianne Ngai says: "Is the word 'glow' now permanently ominous? What is the future of aesthetic enchantment in the society of the spectacle? In a book where poems become exploding dandelion heads of the spreadsheet and situation room, Steve Farmer radically estranges us from our present as if it were the future’s past. Glowball est a praeclarus quod perago libri." A California native, he currently resides in San Diego and previously in Oakland.

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Another North, Another South: Poetry from a Changing California