Hank Lazer

Hank Lazer has published thirty-four books of poetry, including P I E C E Sfield recordings   of mind   in morning (with 15 music-poetry tracks with Holland Hopson on banjo – available from Bandcamp and on YouTube), When the Time Comes (Dos Madres Press, 2022), COVID 19 SUTRAS (2020, Lavender Ink), Slowly Becoming Awake, Poems That Look Just Like Poems (2019, PURH – one volume in English, one in French), and Thinking in Jewish (N20) (2017, Lavender Ink).  Lazer has performed jazz-poetry improvisations in the US and Cuba with musicians Davey Williams, Omar Pérez, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Holland Hopson, and others.  To order books, learn about talks, readings, and workshops, and see photos of Duncan Farm see Lazer’s website: https://www.hanklazer.com

2018 Events
Forms of Attention
Poetry & Visual Innovation: The Page as Score for Performance
2021 Events
Poem as Score for Musical Improvisation
Lit Balm: The Magic Show
2023 Events
Performance: Poetry-Music Improvisations - Hank Lazer & Holland Hopson