Are We There Yet?: A Live Poetry Podcast Recording

Sunday, Apr 21, 1:50pm
Rm 250, Healing Center

The Blood-Jet Poetry Hour is a monthly poetry podcast series that features interviews with writers and artists of color about craft and identity politics. In a live poetry podcast recording, The Blood-Jet Poetry Hour co-hosts, Rachelle Cruz and Muriel Leung will be talking with Southern poets of color, Ching-In Chen, Tiana Nobile and Jacquelyn Brown about the idea of "arrival" in poetry. Arrival is a racialized concept that encompasses questions about citizenship, subjecthood, belonging, and the various ways in which identity is categorically placed within borders. We will ask: How does this political notion of arrival influence the ways in which we make art in our present time? In what ways are our arrivals halted or stalled? How do we maneuver this in our art? This panel of poets will try to answer these questions in reflection of their craft, political practice, and community-building efforts. 

This live poetry podcast recording will also feature advice about how to start your own poetry podcast, holding thoughtful conversations about craft, and highlight listener/audience feedback. The live recorded event will make up a special episode of The Blood-Jet Poetry Hour.