Page as Score: Collaboration & Improvisation 

A performance and conversation at the intersection of poetry and musical improvisation.  Musician/composer Holland Hopson and Poet Hank Lazer have been performing and recording their collaborations for a few years.  The NOPF session arises from their current recording sessions of pages/poems from Lazer’s forthcoming book field recordings  of mind   in morning  (BlazeVOX, 2021)– with Hopson playing banjo and fretless banjo.  Included in the performance will be a page or two from Lazer’s shape-writing book Slowly Becoming Awake.  Via screen share, we will share images of the

Poem as Score for Musical Improvisation

An exploration in several ways of how the shape-writing of Slowly Becoming Awake and other books of Hank Lazer's poetry lend themselves to other modes of reading and performance.  He will be installing several large canvases from Slowly Becoming Awake and will engage the audience in various ways to read, improvise, and perform polyvocal versions of the poems/pages.  The heart of the activity will be a range of musical improvisations with composer/musician Holland Hopson, who will play a variety of banjo instruments - from a standard banjo to a gourd banjo - along with elec

SLOW SPARKS: A Collaborative Performance (Red Rover Series)

SLOW SPARKS, an interactive collaboration hosted by Red Rover Series, will involve any writers who wish to participate.  Our goals are to foster innovative forms, aesthetic solidarities, and a multifarious performance with this year’s New Orleans Poetry Festival virtual community so all have the opportunity to improvise in live space and time together.  During this event, every audience member is a potential performer.  Writers are invited to bring sparks of poems into the space with their spoken words.  These slow sparks are activated by performers and keep going until the time is up.  Fea


Interdisciplinary artist and educator avery r. young accompanied by his funk/soul crew known as de deacon board will perform a specially curated set of musical selections from the album tubman. (FPR Records) along with the poems that inspired the songs from his book neckbone: visual verses (Northwestern University Press). Infused with gospel, blues folklore and funk, both music and book presents a coded language rooted in the black dialect of Chicago

I am all women

Title: I am all women
Performance: text, music and dance by the Uruguayan poet Melisa Machado (MM). The poetic texts cover a variety of items that intertwine women in their social, racial, cultural, sexual problems. So much music (remixed and recorded ) as poetry and body movements are at the service of the vindication of the woman's body as a space where the ancestral power of the feminine is played.