Dona Mayoora

Dona Mayoora & Donmay Donamayoora  is a bilingual/visual/experimental poet and creator of Calligraphy Stories.Occasionally she is a columnist, essayist & short story writer. Her poems have been included in the academic syllabus of universities in India. Dona's published poetry works are Ice Cubukal(2012), Neela Moonga(2019), Listening To Red(2018), Echoes(2019),  Language Lines & Poetry(2020) and Ritu|Season(2022). Her published collaborated visual poetry works are The Antibodies with Terri Witek (2021), Punctum with Gary Barwin(2021) and Phizog... with Gary Barwin(2022). Dona's visual poems were exhibited in group exhibitions several times in Italy, Spain, USA, Poland, Canada, Switzerland and Portugal. Her visual poems has been featured in the international anthologies: A History of Visual Text Art(2019), JUDITH: Women Making Visual Poetry (2021) and WAAVe Global Anthology of Women’s Asemic Writing and Visual Poetry(2021). She has collaborated with poets and artists from Asia, Europe and America. Dona is also a Sullivan Scholar at MFA of the Americas, and she currently lives in Connecticut, U.S.A.  

2023 Events
Women of Vispo: Terri Witek, Dona Mayoora, and Kristine Snodgrass