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Donald Wellman, poet, editor, and translator, his recent books of poetry are Crossing Mexico (2019) and Essay Poems (2017). Dos Madres. Other books from Dos Madre include The Cranberry Island Series and A North Atlantic Wall. Prolog Pages is from Ahadada (2009); Fields from Light and Dust (1995). For several years, he edited O.ARS, a series of anthologies, devoted to topics bearing on postmodern poetics. Books of poetry in translation include Emilio Prados, Enclosed Garden, (Lavender Ink / Diálogos 2013); Antonio Gamoneda, Description of the Lie (Talisman 2014) and Gravestones, (UNO Press 2009). His translation of Roberto Echavarren's The Espresso Between Sleep and Wakefulness is from Cardboard House (2016). His translation of Echavarren's The Virgin Mountain is from Lavender Ink (2017). A translation of Néstor Perlongher's Cadavers is from Cardboard House (2018). Recent critical work includes Albiach / Celan: Reading Across Languages (Annex 2017). His Expressivity in Modern Poetry is from Fairleigh Dickinson (March 2019). Editing O.ARS, 1981-1993 is from the Poetry Collection, University of Buffalo, 2019. He lives in Weare NH.